What Is The Google Search Partners Network?

What Is The Google Search Partners Network?

When creating a Google Ads campaign, the ad is automatically enrolled in the Google Search Partners Network. However, you do get the opportunity to opt out of it. What is the Google Search Partners Network and should you opt out of it?

The Google Search Partners Network is a group of websites and apps where your ad may appear. This may include within search results, on individual websites, before videos, and on shopping platforms. This helps all of your ads: search, display, and shopping ads get more clicks and exposure.

While the entire list of Google Search Partners is unknown, it includes both Google-affiliated sites such as YouTube and non-affiliate websites and apps. As far as whether or not you should opt out, we recommend not opting out. This partner network is extremely lucrative for nearly all businesses and ad sets.

The only time we may recommend opting out is if you are getting a high number of low quality clicks. If it is wasting your ads budget, then opting out may be the best option. However, this is unlikely. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online via chat and contact form.

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