What Is The Difference Between Page Sessions And Views?

When managing your website and gauging its effectiveness, analytics is one of the most important tracking tools. Analytics can provide many important insights including the number of website visitors, what pages convert the most, and tracking the number of people who come from ads versus organic search. However, for plastic surgeons and their practice, all of this information can be overwhelming and it is easy to become confused with the different metrics. One of these is page sessions versus views. What is the difference between page sessions and views. Starting off with page views, this metric is fairly straightforward. Page views count the number of views that your website or a particular page receives. It may also break down into unique views and total views. Unique views correspond to the number of unique devices and visitors that come to the site or page. Total views record the total number of views--including returning visitors. Typically, unique views will be less than total views.Page session is the number of unique sessions on your site. This may include multiple sessions from the same users. What are sessions? Sessions are the individual times that a user visits your website. Sessions expire a half hour after a user goes inactive. However, if they do not go inactive, sessions can last for hours at a time. Analytics will also report the average time spent on your website. Ideally, you want a large number of unique and returning users. If users keep coming back to your website, they are more likely to convert. To optimize this, make sure that your content and elements of your website actively engage website visitors.To learn more about how to make your website more engaging, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via chat or our contact form.

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