What Is Search Forecasting?

What Is Search Forecasting?

Every year it seems like more SEO lingo is added to our dictionaries. In the past year, the term “search forecasting” has become more popular. The term may seem somewhat straightforward but let’s explore the question, “What is search forecasting?” and how it can help your plastic surgery SEO in 2023.

Search forecasting is using knowledge and educated guesses to predict what your organic traffic will look like in a specified amount of time in the future. A few analytics to focus on include search intent, keyword volume, your rankings for certain keywords, and click through rate. These are not the only metrics you should focus on, of course.

Based on your search forecasting, you can hone your SEO strategy to get ahead of your competitors. In fact, while you may not have access to all of the needed metrics, you can also perform search forecasting on competitors to learn more about what they have gotten right and wrong.

You should not rely fully on search forecasting since the unpredictable does happen. However, it is one more tool in your SEO toolkit to keep handy. To learn more and get a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-973-7865. You can also reach out online

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