What Is Life Cycle Advertising?

Life cycle advertising, or life cycle marketing, is a strategy that alters marketing and advertising tactics throughout the marketing funnel. This may sound complicated or difficult, but it is actually fairly simple to implement and can pay off majorly for your ROI. Let’s look deeper into the question, “What is life cycle advertising?”

First, life cycle advertising works off the philosophy that people who are first interacting with your ads want or need something different than those interacting for a second or third time. In the plastic surgery industry, it takes an average of five to seven touches (interactions of any kind) to get a conversion. Therefore, life cycle advertising is especially important in plastic surgery and adjacent industries.

Second, when creating content, you want to create a variety that appeals to people at all points in the cycle. For example, those just beginning their research and others looking into financing. This can include ads, videos, written content, and even social media. You can then target these pieces of content to the adequate target using advertising and/or lead information.

Finally, it will take some experimentation to find the right strategy for each part of the cycle. However, it is a great strategy to implement in 2023. To schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-973-7865 or reach out online via chat and contact form.

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