What Happens When You Get A Copyright Dispute On YouTube?

A copyright dispute is something that may sound like the end of the world for a YouTube channel. However, it is much more complicated than that. YouTube does not immediately close your YouTube channel or video if some of your video is disputed for copyright. So, what happens when you get a copyright dispute on YouTube.

Assuming you are not simply reposting an entire video, the copyright dispute is usually not enough to get your video taken down or the channel shut down. Normally, if another entity claims copyright on your video there are three things that will or may happen. First, you will be notified via email. Next, the copyright owner may choose to monetize your video themselves or receive analytics on it.

In the majority of cases, this is the end of it. If you believe there was an error or you are using the copyrighted material with permission, you can dispute this. More major copyright claims are rare when content is not outright stolen such as reposting someone else’s video or that of a major artist.

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