What Does The Recent Google Ads Verification Mean For Plastic Surgery Marketing?

If you run your Google Ads, or your ads are run by an agency, you may have recently had to submit documentation to confirm your identity. Why? How will this affect your ads? The good news is that verification is quite simple, but it does signal a change that shows a shift in the plastic surgery marketing industry. What does the recent Google ads verification mean for plastic surgery marketing?First off, let’s cover what the ad verification is. Throughout the coming months, Google will ask ads accounts to verify their identity by submitting documentation. Certain accounts like those selling products and services are prioritized for earlier verification. This affects plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Not verifying within 30 days results in ads being paused until completed. This verification is taking place because consumers are now more and more invested in transparency. Consumers want to know that the businesses they shop at and the surgeons they choose, are real and align with their ideals. Therefore, this verification will allow Google to serve consumers want they want; ads from verified and trusted sources. Choosing not to verify can be detrimental--not only to your PPC campaigns--but also to your business overall. It is best to embrace this transparency and allow patients the opportunity to see into the operating room. These personal connections go a long way in earning lifelong patients. To learn more and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via contact form or chat.

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