What Does Google’s Recent Web Page Title Update Mean?

As a business participating in the online space, you may have noticed the recent announcement that Google updated how they display web page titles in the search results. Previous updates like this, can lead to major changes in the rankings and leave marketers and SEO specialists scrambling to save their website. So, what does Google’s recent web page title update mean?First, let’s look into what exactly the update was. If you’ve ever written the meta title for a web page, you may know that just because that’s what you have input does not mean Google will show it. This is remaining but the formula for what Google shows changed slightly. Instead of changing the title of a web page based on the searched query, Google’s algorithm will now generate optimized titles that better match the content.HTML and meta title entries still matter and will continue to be used for web page titles the majority of the time. However, the algorithm will still recognize and penalize for not having a title, keyword stuffing, titles that are too long, etc. Therefore, the process for writing titles will remain largely unchanged.Any Google update typically causes a small shake up in the rankings. Luckily, this most recent update to the way web page titles are displayed is not bound to hurt most websites. Though, you may want to make sure you have well produced meta titles for all your web pages. To schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online via chat or contact form.

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