What Does Facebook Pixel Do?

If you run social media ads (and possibly even if you don’t), you may have heard of a tool called the Facebook Pixel. Considering the complexity of setting up the tool, many marketers without entire teams or agencies behind them neglect setting up the tool. However, the Facebook Pixel is arguably one of the most lucrative tools in digital marketing today. Let’s look into the question, “What does Facebook Pixel do?”In the simplest terms, the Facebook Pixel is a line of code that you place on your website that helps you track conversions from your social media (namely Facebook and Instagram ads). However, the Facebook Pixel can also help you optimize ads, retarget, and find the best audiences for your ads.Let’s take a look at an example. You’re running a laser hair removal ad on Facebook and Instagram. A social media user clicks on this ad and is brought to your website. They troll around for a bit, look at some before and afters, and read through your landing page, but they do not convert. If you have a Facebook Pixel installed, that user will continue seeing your ads across Facebook, Instagram, and possibly even Google.Not only does this retarget the user, but it can also give you valuable information about which ads are performing the best. To learn more about the Facebook Pixel and social media marketing, call us or reach out online for your free marketing consultation.

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