What Determines Your Website Quality Score?

There are several scores that your website receives from multiple sources. The most important scores come from search engines themselves, particularly Google. Along with your website authority score which is broadly defined across sources, Google assigns you a website quality score. So, what is it and what determines your website quality score?

Your website quality score is similar to your authority score—and you’ll often find them used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference. Your authority score assesses how trustworthy your website is based on how many other sites link to yours and the quality of your content. Website quality score assesses the user experience of your landing pages based on searched keywords and ads. 

Though Google uses many of the same factors when determining both scores such as your website content, they offer Google different information that helps regulate ranking positions. The main factors involved in determining your website quality score are expected click through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

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