What Are The Most Effective Tools For Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing features many tools that plastic surgeons can use to their advantage and benefit. With many options such as display ads, traditional PPC, social media, and more, it can become overwhelming when trying to determine the best way to spend your marketing budget. realdrseattle® understands and are experts in all types of digital marketing. We help our clients determine the best tools for them. In general, however, what are the most effective tools for digital marketing?Traditional PPC marketing includes placing ads at the top and bottom of each search results page. This can guide patients searching for plastic surgery related topics to your website, regardless of your current position within the results. Generally, PPC is one of the most effective uses of a marketing budget. When strategized, PPC can garner a good ROI and bring in new patients.Social media--both being active and running ads--also is another good use of marketing dollars. Posting and being active on social media is free or inexpensive when curating posts. Running social media ads does require providing visual materials, but often comes with a higher ROI. The cost per click is often significantly lower than search engine advertising. To learn more about the digital marketing tools that may work for your practice and to get a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also connect with us online via our contact form or chat.

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