What Are The Four Types Of Search Intent?

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Web users tend to have different intents when making a Google search. These intents are often attached to specific keywords. Let’s take a look at the four types of search intent and how they differ.


Informational intent is one of the more common search intents. When people search keywords with an information intent, they want to learn something or find out something. This can be everything from looking up a menu or business hours to researching specific questions. In the plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medspa industries, this is often the initial intent of users. They want to learn more about services and what businesses offer them in their area. However, these users may not necessarily be ready to book.


Navigational intent refers to when a user wants to visit a specific website. Such as, they may simply search “Reddit” or “YouTube”. This can also work when users search for a specific business name to find their website. Even if they may have another intent, the initial intent of the search is to find a specific website.


Transactional intent is when someone searches for a product name or anything related to the plans to make a purchase. This allows people to get specifically to the product or service they want.


Commercial intent is similar to transactional except that the user plans to buy in the future instead of immediately. These tend to be broader searches than transactional ones and involve reviewing options in contrast to finding a specific product.

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