What Are Programmatic Ads?

What Are Programmatic Ads?

As technology advances, so does online advertising. One of the newest advancements is called programmatic ads. While they have been around for a few years now, they did not become widely adopted until recently. The digital marketing specialists at realdrseattle answer the question, “What are programmatic ads?”

Programmatic ads use software to bid for online advertising space. Losing out on the bids is one way that small businesses lose out overall when it comes to PPC. Thus, both automating this process and allowing a software to supplement your strategy can help you discover new areas to target or places where there is less competition, but still a worthy return on investment.

Now, this automation does not negate the need for someone to manage the advertising. You need to set goals, adjust budgets, and blacklist places you do not want your ads to appear such as fake news or spam websites. You may also still design ad assets to keep the human touch.

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