What Are Negative Keywords In PPC?

When building a Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign, keywords are vital to obtaining the proper reach and getting the best quality results. Choosing the right keywords can make the difference between getting no bookings and getting multiple quality consultations. However, while choosing the right keywords can help your marketing efforts, sometimes this can cause them to appear for words that are not quite what you are looking for. Known as negative keywords, what are negative keywords in PPC?Negative keywords are words that may have some relation to your keywords, but are ultimately not what you offer or provide. They are also keywords that are not relevant to your target audience. These keywords may prevent your ad from showing for more relevant keywords, unintentionally mislead, or include something you don’t offer. For example, many businesses will make “free” a negative keyword to prevent their ads from appearing. Additionally, marketers have the option to determine how strict and specific they want their negative keywords to be. Do you want your ad to still appear in some circumstances? For example, you may not want your practice to appear in all instances of the word “implants”, but making “implants” your negative keyword would hurt your SEO. Therefore, you should focus on the more specific negative keywords such as “hip implants.” At realdrseattle®, our medical spa PPC experts will create robust negative keyword profiles to make sure your ads get shown to the largest quantity of quality leads. To schedule your free marketing consultation, call 206-787-0784 or contact us online using our contact form.

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