What Are “H Tags” & Why They Matter For SEO?

Within the sphere of the digital marketing industry, there are various terms used to reference specific actions or aspects of a website. One of these is the term “H tags”, which is commonly touted as an important part of webpage design and SEO. But, exactly are there? Let’s explore what are “H tags” and why they matter for SEO. “H tags” are a short way to refer to headings. This is usually because within the code of a webpage, “H tags” are used to denote headings versus normal text. Even though many web designers no longer need to code a website page from scratch, this term stuck as a quick way to refer to headings or problems with them. So, why are headings so important for SEO. When it comes to the relationship between SEO and web design, headings help guide search engine crawlers across your page. If the headings are off, for example, H3 and H2 headings switched, then this can confuse the crawler and overall hurt your SEO.To learn more about how web design and SEO work together, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via chat or contact form.

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