Updating Your Plastic Surgery Website: 3 Easy Steps

Keeping your plastic surgery website up to date with the newest advancements and designs is important to maintaining authority with search engines and users alike. This requires constant maintenance and monitoring, which realdrseattle® offers as part of our plastic surgery marketing services. There are some basic changes you can make regularly to keep your website in shape. Here are three easy steps to updating your plastic surgery website.

#1: Daily Sitemap Submissions

A sitemap is essentially a list of all the pages on your website. When you add a blog post, page, or sometimes make smaller changes, the sitemap needs to be updated. It is best practice to update the sitemap daily. This can be tedious, however, there are some plug-ins that can do this automatically when you make updates. Also, while website users will not interface with your sitemap, search engine crawlers will. Keeping your site map up to date will increase your rankings and increase the amount your website is crawled.

#2: Update Or Delete Old Content

If you’ve had your website for a long time, you likely have old blog posts, pages, photos, and information that is no longer relevant or accurate. Making edits to this content or consolidating it into newer content helps keep your site relevant to both users and crawlers. If you do choose to delete content, make sure you properly employ a redirect so that an error is not created.

#3: Keep An Eye On Competitor Sites

Beyond keeping your website updated for users and crawlers, you will want to make sure your site continues to stand out amongst your competitors. Keeping an eye on the way they update their websites can help you and realdrseattle® find ways to improve your own website. While you do not want to make all of the same upgrades, it can allow you to stay one step ahead. To learn more about plastic surgery website design and to get a free marketing consultation, call or contact us online at https://realdrseattle.com/

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