Upcoming PPC Platforms To Look Out For

Not long ago, search engines were the only truly lucrative PPC platform, namely Google Ads. However, with the rise of social media and people spending more time on these platforms, they have become a new place that advertisers can reach their audience. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons can take advantage of this. We’ve talked extensively about how Facebook and Instagram offer great advertising opportunities for surgeons. Here are more upcoming PPC platforms to look out for.

#1: YouTube

This likely isn’t a surprise to people who even occasionally watch a YouTube video. Ads are an ingrained part of the platform. However, they require making videos. This is why many plastic surgeons do not invest in this form of advertising. It can have a higher upfront cost in order to produce the videos and sometimes tricker. However, much of YouTube’s ads platform is also run through Google. And, with many plastic surgeons making it big on YouTube, there are interested parties there to advertise to.

#2: #Snapchat

Many surgeons and medical professionals have been taking advantage of  Snapchat for years. It does not censor like other social media platforms and therefore is easier to use for surgeons. Snapchat now does allow for ads in stories, through sponsored filters, and other methods. This can grow a plastic surgeon’s following, raise brand awareness, and bring in conversions.

#3: LinkedIn

It may seem odd to run an ad on LinkedIn that isn’t a job post. However, LinkedIn does offer some PPC opportunities that plastic surgeons can use to reach people in the industry. While the platform is not nearly as expansive as the others mentioned in this post, it is looking to become a rather lucrative platform in the future.To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via our contact form or chat.

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