Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Plastic Surgeons

Facebook is one of the most lucrative PPC and advertising platforms within the digital marketing space today, especially for plastic surgeons. Getting started with Facebook marketing requires more than having a Facebook page for your practice. At realdrseattle®, we specialize in Facebook marketing and creating social media ads. We can help your practice build effective Facebook ads that convert and drive traffic to your website. Here are our top three Facebook marketing tips for plastic surgeons.

#1: Don’t Be Afraid To Target A Specific Audience

One of the unique aspects of the Facebook ads platform is that you can set your ads to show to people within extremely specific groups including those of specific demographics like age, gender, and geographic location. However, you can also target people with certain occupations or who like a specific activity. Nobody knows your patients like you and this allows you to target them directly. If done effectively, this leads to more conversions and a lower cost per click.

#2: Utilize Video Ads

Unlike traditional search engine ads, Facebook requires either a photo or video to accompany your ad. Video ads typically receive more engagement and clicks than photo ads. While photo ads are easier and more cost effective to create, in the long run, video ads are more likely to increase your return on investment versus ads that only feature a photo.

#3: Keep Track Of Analytics Using Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a tool that you can embed on your website to track the conversions from your Facebook ads. This allows you to better gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and make changes as necessary to keep your ROI high and patients coming to your practice.realdrseattle® is a professional marketing company with experience creating and managing Facebook Ads. We have helped out clients take their practice’s to new heights with the strategic implementation of Facebook advertising. To learn more and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online through chat or contact form.

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