Things You Need To Know About Tracking Pixels

Things You Need To Know About Tracking Pixels

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Tracking pixels are small lines of code embedded on a website that can help track users and analytics. This data is primarily used for advertising and retargeting. It can help track users when they see your ads, visit your website, and more. Among the most popular tracking pixel is Facebook Pixel. Here are some things you need to know about tracking pixels.

#1: They Work For Emails

Email newsletters and campaigns use tracking pixels to help determine the open rate of emails, clicks, conversions, and more. This is important if you use email marketing because it can help you refine your campaigns.

#2: Users Must Be Informed Of Pixels

Recent legislation means that users must be informed about and okay the use of this tracking when they visit a website. Today, this is often seen as a cookie notification message that a user simply accepts or declines. In some cases, this may end up barring them from the website.

#3: Pixels Are Not Universally Loved

Data protection specialists are not necessarily fans of tracking pixels since they can collect some information without consent. While this has improved over the years with the requirement of notification systems, there are still ways that data protection specialists warn against them for the average user.

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