The Rise Of Short Form Video And What It Means For SEO

Short form video--normally considered any video under three minutes long--is beginning to take over the internet. With the popularity of TikTok and the launching of social media features like Instagram Reels, short form video is becoming a highly influential and effective marketing tool. Here’s more about the rise of short form video and what it means for SEO.Previously in marketing and SEO, the rule was, “Longer content is better.” Whether it was a video or an informative webpage, length was often key to SEO success. While long form content is still important, long form content is geared more towards search engines than patients or consumers. Some web searchers or video watchers may engage with the longer content, but many will skim or skip to find what they want, or simply just bounce away.This is where short form content is beginning to fill the niche. It can educate like longer content, but also keep the attention of the consumer. If they like the short content, it can then direct them to the longer content as well. This is a way to capture an audience that may otherwise not have the time or interest to engage with your content. The best SEO practice is to create a good mix of long and short form content. Write blog posts as well as lengthy web pages. Create TikTok length videos as well as twenty minute long explainers. It all comes down to variety and value.To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online through out chat and contact forms.

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