The Difference Between Good And Bad Backlinks

You probably know that backlinks--links from another website to your own--are good for your rankings and SEO. However, backlinks are not all equally good. Some can actually hurt your website. So, how can know which are good for your SEO and which are not? Let our SEO experts explain the difference between good and bad backlinks.There are a few factors that make a backlink “bad”. First off, one of the easiest indicators is if the website has been flagged for spam. If it has, this will hurt your rankings. Now, even if you gain a spammy backlink through no work of your own, you can disavow them so that Google knows how to count that link towards your SEO.Secondly, the authority of the website also matters. For example, if you receive a backlink from a high authority site, this is extremely good for you. It can make a major difference quickly. Conversely, if a website has a low authority score, this may indicate a spam website, or will not act as a high quality backlink. A low authority website does not always mean “bad”. New websites often have low authority scores because they do not have many links, much content, or heaps of traffic yet. Also, some well known and trusted sites have surprisingly low authority scores. Furthermore, while authority score is important and should be taken into account, you do not need to disavow all of your backlinks from your low authority links.To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online using our contact form or chat.

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