The Correct Way To Use Hashtags On Instagram

Anyone who’s used Instagram likely knows about hashtags. Added to a post, they allow users to sort content based on a related tag or topic. For example, someone may use #selfie or #mondaymotivation. Businesses can use hashtags to reach targeted audiences and increase the exposure of their posts and social media marketing. Here are tips on the correct way to use hashtags on Instagram.

#1: Do Not Only Focus On High Volume Hashtags

When typing a hashtag, Instagram will often tell you the number of posts associated with that tag. While it is tempting to use all of the most popular hashtags, these hashtags are saturated and it is unlikely that your post will gain much traction. That does not mean you should not use a good number of high volume tags, you just do not want to use exclusively high volume hashtags.

#2: Use Hashtags Within The Main Content

Hashtags are usually placed at the end of the caption (or sometimes in the comments). While there is nothing wrong with this method, posts tend to do better if hashtags are sprinkled throughout the body of the caption. You do not need to have many in the body, but it helps to naturally work them in.

#3: Create Your Own

Creating a company hashtag that you use on every post, or certain types of posts, allows potential leads to find you better. It also allows them to sort based on their specific needs.To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online via chat or contact form.

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