The Best Resources For Staying Up To Date On SEO

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SEO is an ever-evolving field and can be difficult to keep up with for even the most dedicated experts. Thankfully, there are several SEO resources that can help you learn about the latest SEO strategies and news quickly. Here are three of the best resources for staying up to date on SEO.

#1: Search Engine Journal

An online news source dedicated to SEO, Search Engine Journal publishes the latest news, strategy, and predictions about the future of SEO. Their articles and guides can help any SEO newbie get a grasp on the industry, all for free. There are paid resources, but the majority of their content is free.

#2: Yoast

Yoast is a Wordpress plug-in that helps content writers and web designers create SEO friendly content. Their website blog is full of good information and strategy. It is great for both beginners and experienced SEO professionals. If you subscribe to Yoast, you may also have access to their educational workshops.

#3: SEMrush

The powerful SEO tool also has a great blog with several articles on keywords, backlinks, and more. Additionally, for beginners, simply using the SEMrush tools can help teach them some of the more important aspects of search engine optimization.

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