The Best Places To Put PPC Ads

For over a decade, Google has become the go-to destination for Pay-Per-Click advertising. Even with the advent of social media and the boom of social media ads, Google still dominates PPC. Obviously, you should be placing ads on Google, but is it worth it to focus elsewhere. Here are the best places to put PPC ads outside of Google.

#1: Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular and used social media sites around the world. Having recently merged the ads platform is now the same. Therefore, when you set up ads on Facebook, you can automatically run them on Instagram. Depending on the product or service, Facebook and Instagram advertising can be extremely powerful. The cost per click is often less than Google, too.

#2: YouTube

When it comes to local marketing, YouTube can do an extremely good job. Also, while YouTube ads can be skipped, if you create one that is interesting and engaging, you can garner clicks and interest in your practice. Not many practices currently use online video marketing, so this is an extremely lucrative market that you can take advantage of.

#3: Yahoo & Bing

Yes, other search engines do still exist and get used. While other search engines should not take marketing precedence over Google, they can still be worth placing some ads. Especially since Yahoo used to be the top search engine, some of the older generations may still use it. Therefore, marketing services catered to them may prove worth it. To learn more about PPC and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online through contact form and chat.

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