The Best Google Ads Extensions For Your E-Commerce Website

The Best Google Ads Extensions For Your E-Commerce Website

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Knowing the main purpose of your website is the key to creating online ads. For example, some websites are meant to garner leads. E-commerce sites, however, are meant to sell products. A successful conversion is a purchase. This should reflect in your Google advertising. Let’s take a look at the best Google Ads extensions for your e-commerce.

#1: App Extensions

If your e-commerce platform or website has an accompanying mobile app, this can appeal to mobile users and make them more likely to make a purchase. App extensions allows the potential customer to download the app with one click on the ad.

#2: Callout Extensions

Callout extensions help you provide information on why your business is different from the rest. Perhaps you offer a unique shopping experience, free shipping, etc. Highlighting these features encourages people to purchase and shows how easy or unique it is.

#3: Promo Extensions

You may hear or see in an audio or visual ad a unique discount code for that ad. Google Ads offers this too and you can offer a special code to people who see/click on the ad. This increases the chances of a purchase.

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