Should You Optimize For Search Engines Other Than Google?

Since the early 2000s, Google has been the most widely used and popular search engine. It is estimated that in 2021, Google controls nearly 30% of all digital advertising efforts. It is understandable, then, why marketers and businesses focus nearly exclusively on optimizing to Google. However, a common question we hear from clients is, “Should you optimize for search engines other than Google?”The answer is a bit complicated. In general, we do not recommend spending too much time on optimization outside of normal SEO and Google. This is because the search results do not vary that widely between search engines. That does not mean that you should ignore all other search engines though.Bing and Yahoo are other search engines that marketers may take advantage of. While they may not be as widely used as Google, they offer other services and advertising that can make investing in them worthwhile. For example, both can run ads, Yahoo features a large amount of news content, and Bing is the default for many Microsoft computers and software.In short, should you spend too much time consciously optimizing for other search engines? Unless they hold a significant market share in your country, probably not. Should you ignore them all together though? No.To learn more and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or connect online via chat or contact form.

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