Should I Use A Content Management System For My Website?

A content management system--more frequently referred to as a CMS--allows non-developers to build and manage their website. The most commonly used CMS is Wordpress with over 64 million websites utilizing the platform. Other examples of content management systems include Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, and Webflow. A question we often hear is, “Should I use a content management system for my website?”The answer largely depends on how you plan and prefer to manage your website. If you have a full team to manage your website including developers and designers, then you may have no need for a CMS. However, if you do not and will be handling it yourself or have a limited team, a CMS will make the process easier and faster. The major benefits of a CMS are that it makes creating, posting, and editing content easy. Many plugins and tools also allow you to manage some of the technical aspects without needing to code. This allows pretty much anyone to build and manage a decent looking website. However, content management systems do come with some drawbacks. For example, they often are limited in what they can achieve, may bloat the website code, and can slow the load speed down. At realdrseattle® we employ the use of both CMS and built from scratch websites. The right choice for will is ultimately a personal one. To learn more about what factors go into choosing a CMS and for a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via chat or contact form.

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