Should I Target Clicks Or Conversions On Google Ads?

Should I Target Clicks Or Conversions On Google Ads?

When creating Google Ads, marketers have the option of targetings clicks or ads. Essentially this means: do you want your click to garner clicks to your website or do you want your ad to get conversions? It can be difficult to know exactly what you want to target as marketers typically have both goals in mind. So, “Should I target clicks or conversions on Google Ads?”

The answer ultimately depends on the type of ad and your goals for that ad. Ultimately, having a few of both ad targets is ideal. However, targeting clicks works best for ads meant to get attention and simply bring people to your website. For example, are you offering a new service and want to get the word out about it quickly? Clicks can help achieve this goal.

Conversions is the ideal ad target when you are trying to increase the number of quality leads. Clicks help you inform people while conversions helps you identify those who are most likely to patronize your business or seek out your services. These are typically your mainstays that you always offer and are the backbone of your business.

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