Should I Repost TikToks To Instagram Reels?

Should I Repost TikToks To Instagram Reels?

Since TikTok has taken over the internet and social media, many social media platforms have created their own versions of short form video.  One of these is Instagram reels. If you are a frequent Instagram and TikTok user, you may notice that many creators are reposting their TikToks onto Instagram Reels. Is this an effective marketing strategy? Should I repost TikToks to Instagram Reels?

If you have a business account on both TikTok and Instagram, it is worth posting your TikToks on Instagram Reels. For people who are not users of one or the other platform, can now interact with and view your videos. It broadens your reach and audience in a way that would not have been possible before the introduction of Reels.

However, there may be certain times when it may not be worth it to repost your videos. These are usually exceptions and not common. In most cases, social media experts will always recommend cross-posting your content to reach the widest audience possible.

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