Scheduling Your Google Ads: Worth It Or Not?

When creating Google ads for your business, there are multiple settings for when your ad can be served. For example, let’s say you only want to run ads on certain days of the week, Google allows you to do this. Additionally, let’s say you have a holiday based ad, you can set it to automatically complete on a certain day. The other option is allowing your ad to run indefinitely with no scheduled end date or limitations. Is schedule your Google ads worth it?The answer depends based on your business and goals for your ads. Consider your target audience: when are they most likely to see the ad? Do they have a certain, standardized work schedule? Perhaps, you can set your ads to serve to them when they are most likely to see it. When there is a very specific audience, this can work.If your audience is broader, then you likely will not want to follow a schedule like this. Your ad will reach the most people when serving at all hours, every day. If you are running A/B testing, or like to switch up your ads often, you can set an end date. However, otherwise, we tend to recommend running your ads indefinitely, until manually edited or switched off.To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via chat or contact form.

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