Reasons Why Reviews Are Vital For Successful Local SEO Campaigns

Reasons Why Reviews Are Vital For Successful Local SEO Campaigns

Customer reviews are undeniably important for your business and online presence. However, due to Google algorithm updates, Google reviews are now extremely important for SEO and local SEO. Let’s look into the reasons why reviews are vital for successful local SEO campaigns.

First off, when your business appears on the right side in the general knowledge panel, reviews will also come with it. This is because it links to your Google My Business page. Therefore, if you have a majority of good reviews, these are more likely to show. However, if you have more bad reviews or no reviews at all, this can leave a bad or mediocre impression.

Next, Google values what people think of your business, especially, if locally relevant. Therefore, if someone is a “Local Guide” this review will matter more than the rest when it comes to your SEO. Having a good reputation management strategy helps improve your local SEO in the long run. 

Finally, in a general sense, Google does take the basic reviews and star ratings into account when creating the rankings. Better reviewed businesses get ranked higher. To learn more about how reviews affect SEO, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online at via chat or contact form.

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