PPC Checklist For Plastic Surgeons To Get More Leads

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is the top way to advertise your plastic surgery practice online. Traditional PPC ads place your website pages at the top of the search results and take people who click straight to your website. Ideally, PPC ads reach potential patients who are ready to book a consultation. There are many ways that you can optimize your PPC ads to reach these types of patients. Below find a PPC checklist for plastic surgeons to get more leads.

#1: Expand Beyond Google

Google is the top PPC platform for search result ads. As a plastic surgeon, it is vital to take advantage of Google Ads. Considering Google is the most commonly used search engine, nearly every plastic surgeon who does PPC uses it. While this allows for healthy competition, it can also oversaturate certain keywords. Especially if you are located in a city that is a plastic surgery hotbed, you may consider broadening your PPC across search engines. Bing and Yahoo each offer their version of paid ads. These search engines may not be used as frequently, but ignoring them altogether can lose you 9% of the population and 9% of your potential patients. Therefore, you should place PPC ads on all search engine platforms for the widest reach.

#2: Utilize Social Media

Like search engines, many social media platforms offer PPC advertising. Social media PPC does require more work because it makes use of visual and video ads. However, this extra work can pay off because social media ads often have a lower cost per click and tend to convert more than traditional PPC. This also means that your ads and practice name will follow the patients most interested in plastic surgery around the internet. Seeing ads both as search results and on social media can increase your brand awareness and gain trust with potential patients because they will already know your name.

#3: Build Custom Landing Pages

Most types of PPC ads will link to a page on your website. You can use any of your already built website pages for this purpose. It is best to optimize them with photos, videos, and engaging content to keep those who click on the website. However, there are many advantages to building a brand new page for the ad. First off, for those wanting the most accurate analytics, linking a page that only people who click on the ad can reach will increase the accuracy of your ad analytics. This can also better track the efficacy of a particular ad.Finally, building a page from scratch allows you to customize the page directly to the ad. Also, since the page is live on your website, but not navigable from the main menu, it still offers those who click the opportunity to explore the rest of your website.

#4 Choose The Right Keywords

Like with organic SEO ranking, keywords are also important for ads. When creating an ad, you can set it to appear for certain keywords and searches. Choosing keywords that are too broad will not effectively capture your audience. You should have a good mix of broad, specific, long, and short keywords. Additionally, the actual copy of your ad matters too. Google’s algorithm can discover where your ad is most effective using the copy and click data. Therefore, you should optimize the ad copy for both the people reading the ad and for Google.To learn more about how PPC ads can bring in more plastic surgery patients, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online.

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