Podcast SEO: Here’s What You Need To Know

It feels like every influencer and business has a podcast these days. While they do not sit on your website, they can help improve your SEO and overall reach. However, promoting your podcast, podcast SEO, and traditional SEO are all very different entities. Here’s what you need to know about podcast SEO.

The main function of your podcast in an SEO sense is to get people to Google you or click links in your podcast description. This drives traffic to your website, serves as a backlink, and can make people much more likely to convert once they visit your website. To help people find your podcast, the description is key.

Your podcast description is the written content that podcast platforms will use to recommend your podcast (as well as the category you classify your podcast as). Make sure that you have a good description for each episode that contains links and keywords related to your podcast and the episode.

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