Plastic Surgery Web Design: What Is Responsive Web Design?

A website design may seem relatively simple. Anyone who has searched online can identify a basic website structure. You need to have a navigation menu, home page, and subpages. However, web design goes much further than that. At realdrseattle®, we offer responsive web design for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa websites. What exactly does ‘responsive web design’ mean? And why is it so important for websites in 2021?

What Is A Responsive Plastic Surgery Website Design?

A responsive website creates a good user experience, works seamlessly on all devices, and all elements work and serve a purpose. While this is still somewhat of a simplified explanation, the simplest answer is that a responsive website is one that works.For example, have you ever gone to a website and found it hard to find what you were looking for? Or click on a button and take to a broken page? These are all signs of a website that is not fully responsive. When building a website from scratch, realdrseattle® puts immense care into ensuring that every element of your website serves a purpose and functions well. This includes all mobile and tablet devices. While broken and deleted pages are inevitable, our designers make sure to remove broken links and elements and replace them with their working equivalents.Additionally, even if your website functions, users will not stay on it if the information they are looking for is hard to find. This also becomes important when deciding your menu layouts across devices. Is your mobile navigation menu hard to use? This may be causing people to bounce away from your site.

Why Does Responsiveness Matter?

It is probably obvious that website responsiveness is important to your patients, both current and future. Having a non-responsive website will hurt your bottom line and bookings. However, there are many other SEO and technical factors that you want your website to be responsive.Google’s algorithm considers many aspects of your website. From content to properly set up redirects, the algorithm has 200 known ranking factors. The elements that determine responsiveness are included in this.  Therefore, a responsive website will rank higher than a website full of bugs. Once Google notices issues on your website, it is likely to fall down the rankings.Additionally, in 2021, more online searching is happening on mobile devices and Google announced that mobile friendliness would become a major ranking factor. This means that websites not designed for mobile will fall behind the times and become irrelevant and unnavigable.

Responsive Plastic Surgery Web Design From realdrseattle®

At realdrseattle®, our web designers are some of the most talented in their field. They also carry an understanding of the plastic surgery industry and the needs of users on plastic surgery websites. We create stunning websites that look attractive, have a responsive design, and are mobile friendly.To learn more about improving your website and online presence as a top plastic surgeon, call us at 206-787-0784. Also, feel free to contact us online via our contact form.

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