Plastic Surgery PPC: Types Of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Exploring the possibilities of PPC marketing can be overwhelming. There is more to PPC than just traditional Pay-Per-Click search engine ads. Search engine PPC like Google Ads is still the backbone of Pay-Per-Click marketing for plastic surgeons. However, with social media emerging as powerful marketing tools, many social media platforms now offer PPC. Let the plastic surgery PPC experts at realdrseattle® guide you through all the types of Pay-Per-Click marketing.

Search Engine PPC

Search engine PPC such as Google Ads and Bing Ads places curated ads at the top of search engine results. The ads were specifically chosen for specific keywords or search terms to be more effective. This leads to certain keywords becoming expensive because of their high demand. You are only charged when a person clicks on your ad. The expense occurs when a keyword costs more money to achieve a click.

Social Media PPC

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram now offer paid ads. With social media influencing plastic surgery more than ever, these places are ideal for finding new patients. These ads usually require more preparation and assets, but often are cheaper to run and produce the same or better conversion rates. realdrseattle®’s® PPC knows how to create appealing ads that get clicked. To learn more or schedule a marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or visit us online.

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