Plastic Surgery Marketing In The Time Of COVID-19

2020 and the outbreak of COVID-19 caused a massive evolution in the plastic surgery marketing industry. With in-person consultations limited, marketing strategies must accommodate the new normal. realdrseattle® stepped up to provide innovative solutions for our clients so that they could continue working leads during this unprecedented time. How has COVID-19 changed plastic surgery marketing?With in-person interaction limited in 2020, virtual communication and interaction became a vital resource to connect plastic surgeons and patients. realdrseattle® launched our Price Simulator™ web app that allows patients to receive a price quote and submits lead information. This exchange of information then allows the practice to follow up on the lead.Along with our proprietary application, we also commonly install and can provide support for live chat application on your website. This allows for the plastic surgery practice to answer questions, book consultations, and reach their patients online.Due to increased time at home, social media has boomed in 2020. For plastic surgeons, this means that their social media profiles have become more important than ever in converting. realdrseattle® has helped our clients maintain a consistent and powerful social media presence in 2020.To learn more about how realdrseattle® can increase your leads, please contact us via phone at 206-787-0784. You can also connect with us online via our contact page.

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