Plastic Surgery Marketing: How To Do Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of any good plastic surgery marketing strategy. Good keyword research entails understanding what potential patients are searching for to find the procedures they want and ultimately your practice. How do you do effective keyword research?There are many tools that marketing companies use to do effective keyword research. However, part of keyword research includes simply utilizing Google yourself. Typing in a broad keyword to see what Google autofills can indicate some of the higher volume keywords. While you do not want to focus solely on high volume keywords, this gives you a jumping off point to find long tail keywords.Another wealth of keywords, especially those specific to your local area is your competitor’s websites. Seeing what keywords they utilize can clue you into what keywords people in your local area are searching for. This can also allow you to gain an edge over your competition if you use these keywords in more relevant ways.Using both of these methods is a great way to begin a plastic surgery keyword strategy. At realdrseattle®, we conduct thorough keyword research that includes analyzing your competitors, market, and plastic surgery marketing trends. To schedule a consultation, call us or contact us online through our contact page.

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