Offline Forms Of Content Marketing

Offline Forms Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. From newspaper articles to billboards, content marketing pops up in many unexpected places. While content marketing has largely moved online, offline content marketing is not a thing of the past. Here are some offline forms of content marketing you can still take advantage of today.

#1: Mail Ads

Many businesses still send out ads in the mail. While this does not work for every business model, for businesses that produce or accept coupons, this can be a way to drive new business. It can also be surprisingly cost effective. However, you should only invest in mail ads if they would be lucrative to your business.

#2: Posters & Billboards

Subways, the side of the road, and even the side of buses all serve as real life ad space. This form of content marketing could potentially be seen by thousands or even millions of people every day. Therefore, while they have a higher upfront cost, they can pay off when purchased and used strategically.

#3: Business Cards

Despite the advent of social media and cell phones, business cards have not gone out of fashion. Providing the most basic information of your business and having a few on hand at any given time not only makes a good impression but also does not leave people wondering “What was the name of that place again?” “I wish I had gotten their phone number.”

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