Is Google Ads Or Facebook Ads Better?

When presenting the various online advertising options, plastic and cosmetic surgeons often want to go with the option that will yield them the best results for the lowest cost. This is understandable and the aim of realdrseattle® as well. A common question we receive is “Is Google Ads or Facebook Ads better?”The answer depends heavily on a client’s individualized goals, budget, and practice. Overall, both ads platforms provide a lucrative and important outlet for plastic surgery marketing. In most cases, realdrseattle®’s® experts will recommend using a combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach the broadest possible audience.Google Ads place search engine ads that appear for certain searched keywords and results. This is especially helpful when building the SEO of your website. If it is not yet ranking on the first page, PPC allows you to show it there. Additionally, if you already appear on the first page, this means you may appear more than once which increases the chances of a click.Facebook Ads use a combination of visual content like graphic, photos, or videos and specialized targeting to show your ads in the feed of specific people. This may include people in a certain geographic area, who have a certain job, or who have already liked your page. Cost per click for Facebook is typically less than on Google.Since the two ads use different methods and targeting structures, realdrseattle® usually recommends splitting your ads budget between the two platforms for the best results. To schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online using our contact form or chat.

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