Is Alt Text Important For Ranking?

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Alternative text—commonly shortened to alt text—is text associated with an image that will display if the image does not appear and is within the code of the website. There are two main reasons alt text is used. However, is alt text important for ranking?

To understand if alt text is important for SEO, let’s look at the primary uses of alt test. First, it acts as an indicator to the website crawlers the kind of image present. Crawlers only take in code, they can identify that a photo is there, but cannot see it like we can. Alt text lets the crawlers know what kind of image is there and what it contains. This allows crawlers to more accurately crawl the site.

Secondly, for users who are visually impaired or rely on text to voice to browse the web, alt text allows them to understand the photos present on the page and provides a basic description. Accessibility has become a ranking factor in the last few years. Web designers now focus more on accessibility across all industries.

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