Increasing Time On Page With Price Simulator™: How It Works

The amount of time that a website visitor spends on your site is important. Not only is a user more likely to convert when they spend more time on your page, but it also contributes to higher Google rankings. Knowing this, realdrseattle® created our Price Simulator™ to keep visitors engaged on your website and provide you with concrete leads. Here is how Price Simulator™ works to boost SEO and collect leads. Price Simulator™ is a web app that allows website users to explore all of the procedures you offer at your practice. If they are interested, they can add it to their bucket list. Once they have added all of the procedures they are interested in, they then provide lead information. The lead information provided is customizable, but usually always includes a phone number and email address. In return for the lead, the website user receives a rough idea of the cost of their procedures and is encouraged to schedule a consultation. Your team can then follow up with the lead to answer questions and get them scheduled.Submitting a Price Simulator™ quote can take anywhere from fifteen seconds to several minutes. It is not uncommon for patients to spend less than five seconds on any particular page. This significant increase signals to Google that your website is engaging, important, and informative. The algorithm may then rank it higher over time. To schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also submit an inquiry online via our contact form or chat.

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