How Useful Is Digital Marketing In Plastic Surgery?

Digital marketing is among one of the fastest growing industries. From social media to search engine PPC, digital marketing offers many new opportunities and avenues for plastic surgeons to reach potential patients. Many plastic surgeons will ask, “How useful is digital marketing in plastic surgery?” Plastic surgeons were successful before digital marketing, is there a need to invest in it? At realdrseattle® we would argue that digital marketing is vital for plastic surgery practice.Digital marketing encompasses any marketing that takes place on the internet. Therefore, it is a broad and varied medium that can be used strategically by plastic surgeons. realdrseattle® can examine your current marketing plan to determine what digital marketing strategies will work best for your plastic surgery practice. In general, search engine PPC and social media are two lucrative options for plastic surgeons. PPC places ads at the top of search results. With well chosen keywords and strategic targeting, plastic surgeons can acquire many leads through this form of advertising. Especially if working on building your website and online presence, PPC can bring you the traffic necessary to do so. Additionally, social media often influences patient goals. Due to this, it makes sense to reach potential patients on the platforms influencing their plastic surgery desires. On the internet, people tend to spend the most time on social media. Therefore, diversifying your ads across platforms will give you the best chance at getting the best results from your digital marketing. The plastic surgery marketing experts at realdrseattle® will evaluate your practice’s marketing efforts and make recommendations on what digital marketing will best benefit your practice. Our experts have successfully run campaigns for plastic surgeons all across the country. To get your free consultation and inquire about pricing, call us at 206-787-0784 or contact us online via our contact form or chat.

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