How To Use Negative Keywords To Improve Your PPC

Pay-Per-Click advertising—frequently shortened to PPC—relies on picking and researching the ideal keywords. However, sometimes keywords can be close to completely unrelated services or may have multiple options which you do not offer all of them. This can cause confusion and lead to you spending money on low quality clicks because the user soon realizes their mistake. This is where knowing how to use negative keywords to improve your PPC can help you solve this problem.

Negative keywords are keywords you can enter that the ads algorithm will not display your ads for. Negative keywords are more important in certain industries over others. They also should be used strategically. Do not enter in keywords that your keywords could not be mistaken for or which you absolutely do not want your ads showing for. For example, some people will make “free” a negative keyword. However, there is no reason to make “best coffee near me” a negative keyword because a plastic surgery practice is not going to get mistaken for a coffee shop.

When used correctly, it helps both Google and search engines better understand your practice and services. For example, if you offer breast augmentation, it is likely the word “areola” is on your website. This could lead your ads to appear for “areola reduction” which you may not offer. Therefore, adding this to your negative keywords prevents this from hindering your breast augmentation ads. 

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