How To Tell If Your Rankings Declined Due To Seasonal Traffic

How To Tell If Your Rankings Declined Due To Seasonal Traffic

Most businesses and industries have natural, seasonal dips in business. While this is true for revenue, this is also true for web traffic and even rankings sometimes. It can be alarming to see web traffic suddenly decline, however, it is often normal. So, let’s take a look at how to tell if your rankings are declined due to seasonal traffic.

First off, compare your current traffic to a year ago. Did your traffic then also take a mysterious dip? Did you still see an overall increase for the year? Often, if you also saw a decline around the same time of year, it likely has to do with a seasonal decline. If you have legacy data to back this up, your business can start planning for this time of year.

Next, check your ads. It is not uncommon for ads to also get fewer clicks during a seasonal decline. If people simply are not searching for your business or products during a specific time of year, it is likely they will not click the ads either. While this is not a steadfast rule, it can provide a clue into the minds of your audience.

Finally, ask your customers. Send out a survey or look up already completed studies about when people are most likely to seek out your product or service. For example, you may see an increase during the holidays, but then when demand declines in January, so will everything else. Getting this information straight from your audience can give you some peace of mind.

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