How To Remove Toxic Backlinks?

How To Remove Toxic Backlinks?

Backlinks are a well known SEO tool that involves other websites linking to your website. This is an important ranking factor and it can be difficult to garner new backlinks. Sometimes in highly competitive markets or when using black hat tactics (or sometimes accidentally), your website may get what is called a toxic backlink. These are from spammy websites or those with extremely low authority scores. This actively hurts SEO and rankings. Our experts provide advice on how to remove toxic backlinks.

The first step is to disavow these links. This can be done via many different only tools or subscription services you may already have such as Semrush. You can also create a file of these links and upload it straight to Google. This disavowment essentially tells Google and other search engines that you did not authorize the link and that it should not count towards your SEO.

Beyond this, the next things you can do are to contact the webmaster of the site and request that your link is taken down. This is obviously not always possible or realistic. If not possible, the disavowment is enough to keep it from hurting your website. Often with these sites, they will get taken down anyway.

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