How To Manage Your PPC Budget For Better ROI

The cosmetic surgery industry is known for being notoriously difficult for advertising on search engines. Not only due to updated policies and restrictions, but also because it requires specialized knowledge to reach the most quality web searchers. To increase your return on investment on cosmetic surgery PPC ads, there are various strategies you can employ. realdrseattle®’s® team of PPC experts understand how to adapt the best PPC strategies to the cosmetic surgery industry and provide tips on how to manage your PPC budget for better ROI.First, many cosmetic surgeons focus solely on Google for their PPC budget. Google is a great resource for Pay-Per-Click advertising and they should certainly take up a good chunk of the budget. However, not every person uses Google or may go elsewhere in their search for information. For example, some people may go to cosmetic surgeon’s Instagrams or looks through their feed for inspiration. If you place ads on social media, this can help you reach a broader audience. Social media ads are also generally more cost effective than Google PPC. On average, the cost per click on social media ads is about 50-70% lower than search engine cost per click. While the entire PPC budget should not be spent on social media, it is important to diversify spend across many channels to reach as many people as possible. This can also increase brand awareness and gain you more social media followers.To schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or contact us online using chat or our forms.

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