How To Identify Good YouTube Tags & Keywords

How To Identify Good YouTube Tags & Keywords

YouTube dominates long form video on the internet. It is now part of Google’s overall domain and therefore it matters for SEO. Many people know that embedding YouTube videos onto their website is a good SEO tactic. However, what about the SEO of YouTube itself? Here’s how to identify good YouTube tags and keywords.

Firstly, look at similar videos. Notice what words they use in their video titles and how they structure them. While you should not copy them, you can use this knowledge to craft your own title using the same or similar keywords. You should also use the search term you directly want to rank for in your title.

In addition to the basic SEO keywords, there are some more technical aspects of the title that make it more likely to be clicked on. Keep it within 70 characters. There is some wiggle room here for adding your business or brand name. You should also drum up interest by using transitional phrases or words that will leave the viewer wondering what exactly you mean or how it will translate to video.

Finally, do a basic Google search and see what videos appear for the target search term. This can help you come up with a good title that is also Google SEO friendly. To learn more and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online via chat or contact form.

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