How To Get Free Press For You & Your Practice

Every business--regardless of industry--wants press. This can result in special promotions, new concoctions, and various other strategies to become newsworthy. However, typically, press rarely comes free. Press releases can cost hundreds to distribute, TV specials and magazine features often come with a price, and, obviously, all outlets offer some sort of paid advertising. Is there a way to get free press? Let the experts at realdrseattle® explain how to get free press for you and your practice.

#1: Sign Up For HARO

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and is a free email service where journalists from big and small publications alike put out calls for comment and expertise. You can respond to these through HARO’s dashboard and the journalist can then contact you directly. HARO is free and has landed clients in national publications for absolutely no cost.

#2: Build A Strong Social Media Presence

More and more businesses are becoming newsworthy via social media. If you have a good social media presence and respond to other local businesses and outlets, this can garner attention. It doesn’t hurt to promote specials or comment on the latest scandal or controversy in the industry. Just be careful, you don’t want bad press headed your way.

#3: Cold Calls & Emails

While tedious and not the most effective way to get press, if you have a relationship with journalists from the past, keeping in touch with them about your latest news can help you receive more press coverage. Additionally, it does not hurt to send tips or press releases to journalists and news organizations occasionally. Even if they rarely pan out, it can raise awareness of who you and your business are.To schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online using chat or our contact form.

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