How To Appeal Google Ad Policy Violations

How To Appeal Google Ad Policy Violations

If you use Google Ads for Pay-Per-Click advertising, it is likely that at some point you will experience a policy violation. This can happen on a small scale such as an individual keyword or ad all the way up to the entire account. For most violations, you can appeal them after either making changes or for re-review. Our experts describe how to appeal Google Ad policy violations.

The most common policy violations happen at the individual ad or ad group level. The ad will stop running and you will receive a notification in your account. From here, you can expect to either make the changes necessary to comply with the policy, or you can appeal the decision altogether.

If you make changes, once you finish them, you can navigate to the “Policy Manager” from the “Tools & Settings” icon. Select the violation, then that you made changes to comply, and then hit ‘Appeal.” If you want to appeal the decision altogether, follow these same steps, but instead select that you want to refute the decision and then “Appeal.”

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