How SEO Has Changed Since COVID-19

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing shutdowns, society’s relationship with the internet drastically changed. As a result search engine optimization also saw inevitable changes that will likely last longer than COVID-19. Let’s look at how SEO has changed since COVID-19. Firstly, since COVID-19, businesses have had to shift much of their business online. This includes having a website, investing in e-commerce, or simply shifting to an online-only model. Companies that never used to offer virtual or delivery services suddenly found ways to accommodate them. This allowed them to serve a larger customer base, though did often come with some growing pain and learning curves.Secondly, when visiting a business in person, consumers care that they are taking the pandemic seriously. Google My Business rolled out an update that allowed businesses to list the precautions they were taking, mask requirements, and more. This would give customers peace of mind and make them feel safer when visiting a business during the pandemic.Finally, transparency is a major trend within the SEO industry right now. Consumers--who are now more internet fluent than ever--no longer fall for marketing tactics. They want to see the fine print immediately which may include pricing. This is why realdrseattle® created Price Simulator®: to allow clients to better serve their patients and clients during the pandemic. To schedule a marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or connect online via chat or contact form.

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