How Much Content Should You Put Out For SEO Success?

Anyone who has worked in the marketing industry long enough knows that content is the key to organic ranking success. Therefore, it should not be ignored within your digital marketing efforts. However, even if you put out content, how much content is necessary to see the organic growth you want? Let’s take a look at, “How much content should you put out for SEO success?”

In general, blogs should go out weekly. This helps keep content on your site fresh and available. While not always viable, at least one a month is a good starting place for those who cannot have someone dedicated to content. As far as larger content is concerned, this comes down to your industry and the needs of your customers. 

Aiming to get one major content page up per month is a good goal. Again, this keeps content fresh and it allows you to immediately advertise new services. If this is not possible, updating as much as possible is the best way to promote a healthy SEO content environment on your website.

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